Black Voices
Fall 2010

Due Weds December 1

Please identify the following using the course readings.  Please include the context (when and where they lived) as well as their larger historical importance.  In other words, please identify the following individuals (or in one case, an event) in a way that demonstrates how they represent larger historical processes and themes and how they thereby affect our understanding of history.  Please type your answers.

  1. Paul Heinegg
  2. Captain Toomba
  3. Olaudah Equiano
  4. Maragarita Saunders
  5. Ignatius Sancho
  6. Phillis Wheatley
  7. Francisco Menendez
  8. Harry Washington
  9. Juan Izaguirre
  10. Juan Bautista Whitten
  11. W.E.B. Du Bois
  12. Robert Smalls
  13. Harriet Tubman
  14. Susie King Taylor
  15. Ann Lipscomb
  16. Julie Tillory
  17. Atlanta Washerwomen’s Strike
  18. Patricia Hill Collins
  19. James Baldwin
  20. Bayard Rustin