STUDY GUIDE Chapters 4-6


I. Be able to describe the following events and their significance – in other words explain what happened and how the event fits in to the “bigger picture” of American history.

Bacon’s Rebellion
Stono Rebellion
Great Awakening
French and Indian War
Seven Years War
Pontiac’s Rebellion
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party

II. Be able to associate the following “Old World” countries with the regions of their “New World” North American empires.

Early: Atlantic Coast, excluding Canada and Florida
Later: Atlantic Coast including Canada and Florida

Early: Florida, New Mexico
Later: Louisiana to California

Early: largest holdings of any Euro. nation, down center of continent from Canada to Louisiana
Later: nada

Early: nada
Later: Alaska

III. Be able to describe the regional economies of colonial British America

Middle Colonies
New England
South Carolina and Georgia


IV. Be able to describe the various forms labor used in the early American colonies (indentured servants from Europe, Africa, and America) and the “terrible transformation” to slavery towards the ends of the 17th century.


V. Be able to describe and give examples of the various forms of slave resistance.