GEHI 122 Midterm Study Guide

1. What were the major urban civilizations of the Americas in the pre-Columbian period?

2. Which North American cultures developed complex towns and complex cultures between 500 and 1500?

3. When the Spanish arrived in the Americas in beginning 1492 what kinds of American communities did they encounter and how did they interact?

4. Were the Spanish the first “Old World” people to land in the Americas?

5. Did people of African descent accompany the Spanish conquistadores?

6. Who conquered the Aztec and the Inca in the 1500s?

7. Who wrote The Devastation of the Indies and why? What was its impact?

8. When and where did maroon communities begin?

9. What kinds of “footholds” did Europeans create in the Americas between 1600 and 1660 and what were they like?

10. What was Bacon’s Rebellion and what was its historical significance?

11. What was the Stono Rebellion?

13. What was the significance of the Seven Years War and how did it pave the way for the American Revolution?

14. What was the significance of the First Great Awakening?

15. What was the Boston Massacre?

16. What was the Boston Tea Party?

17. Who were the Sons of Liberty?

18. What were the first battles of the American Revolution?

19. Why was the Battle of Saratoga considered a turning point in the American Revolution?

20. What was the significance of the Battle at Yorktown?

21. What were the First and Second Continental Congresses?

22. What were the Articles of Confederation?

23. What was the significance of Common Sense and who wrote it and when?

24. What was the significance of the Declaration of Independence and who wrote it and when?

25. How did African Americans take advantage of the American Revolution to seize freedom for themselves and their families?