GEHI 112 Study Questions for QUIZ I (Chapters 1-3)


I. Identify the following people and their historical relevance:

The Anasazi
The Mississippians
The Maya
The Aztec
The Inca
Juan Garrido and Juan Gonzales
Las Casas
Cabeza de Vaca and Esteban
Sir Francis Drake
Sir Walter Raleigh


II. Describe the following events and their historical relevance:

The Devastation of the Indies
Founding of St. Augustine and subsequent founding of Fort Mose
Pueblo Revolt
Pequot War
Powhatan Uprisings
King Philip's War
King William's War
Bacon’s Rebellion
Salem Witch Trials



1) When and how were the continents of the Americas initially settled?

2) Some scholars believe that people from Africa, China, and Northern Europe may have preceded Columbus in the New World. Explain.

3) Where did Columbus land and what were some of Spain’s early conquests?

4) How did European companies (e.g. the Virginia Company, the Dutch West India Company) play a role in colonial settlement?

5 ) What was the Virginia colony’s primary labor force in the seventeenth century?

6) How have the findings of the genealogist Paul Heinegg changed our view of 17th century America?

7) How did Bacon’s Rebellion play a role in Virginia’s turn to slavery?

8) Describe ways in which religion affected colonial American settlement.

9) What was the Glorious Revolution of 1688?

10) What are some of the traditional explanations for the Salem witch trials of 1692? What is the latest theory?