Your answers should be based on the readings and as complete and thoughtful as possible. You are strongly encouraged to include quotations from the readings and to elaborate upon the significance of the topic at hand. Please type your answers and submit them in class.


1. Who were some of the first people of African descent to set foot in the new world?

2. What is the distinction, the three categories, Restall makes for describing people of African descent in the period of conquest and exploration?

3. Who were some of the "black auxilaries" that assisted the Spanish conquest? Be specific.

4. What were some of the regions in the Americas which black auxilaries helped to conquer?

5. According to Restall, how does the black auxilary during conquest fit into a larger historical tradition?

6. What was the role of black women in these processess?

7. What was the difference between a ladino and a bozal?

8. How did people of African descent particpate in the Spanish exploration of North America?

9. What was the role of pirates during this period?

10. How did Queen Anne's War affect piracy in the New World?