Your answers should be based on the readings and as complete and thoughtful as possible. You are strongly encouraged to include quotations from the readings and to elaborate upon the significance of the topic at hand. Please type your answers and submit them in class.


1. What was the "colonial period" in Latin America? (when was it? briefly characterize it) Please include in your answer how colonial Latin America was organized economically and politically.

2. What does Chateen mean when he says hegemony was an important part of the colonial process? (define hegemony, give examples)

3. What does Chateen mean when he says transculturation was an important part of the colonial process? (define transculturation, give examples)

4. According to the map on Chateen's page 63, where were the most northern of the Spanish missions located?

5. What is the root of the English term "buckaroo"? Did cowboys play a significant role in Latin America?

6. Why was "natural reproduction" difficult for many slave populations in Latin America and the Caribbean? (several reasons, inlcude all)

7. Describe the system of racial mixing discussed in both Chasteen and Andrews. What was the gracias al sacar?

8. What were the rules of the Caste Regime described by Andrews, and how were they contradicted in the readings by both Andrews and Chasteen?

9. What percentage of Latin America's population was racially mixed by 1800? Did free people of color outnumber slaves?

10. What does Jane Landers' article "African American Women and their Pursuir of Rights through 19th Century Texts" tell us about the lives of black women in colonial Spanish Florida.