HSS4 WEB Du Bois Black Reconstruction RESEARCH PAPERS

Students are required to prepare a 15-20 page research paper on a topic approved by the instructor. This assignment is intended to help students develop information literacy–how to locate, manage, and use information–as well as to improve written and oral communication skills. The format of the paper should comply with MLA and/or ASA guidelines. Students are STRONGLY urged to take advantage of the writing center as they prepare the paper. Below are some websites that might be helpful guides to the research process.





Student will be required

  1. To submit a research proposal containing a research question and a bibliography
  2. To submit an outline of the paper
  3. To submit first draft of the paper
  4. To make an oral presentation (10-15 minutes) of the research findings
  5. To submit the final draft at the final class meeting

Social science research papers are organized into several sections:

I. Abstract: a concise summary of the findings

75-100 words summarizing the purpose (thesis) of the work, the types of sources used, and the conclusions

II. Introduction: a context for the topic under discussion

Why is the issue relevant, how has it been approached in the past (background), what is the purpose or rationale of the research?

III. Methods: a description of the kinds of research materials and techniques used

Eg. primary or secondary research, literature review, ethnography, survey, etc.

IV. Findings: a reporting of the results of the research

A non-evaluative description of the conclusions shown by the data

V. Discussion/Conclusion: an analysis of the implications of the findings

An evaluative, interpretive look at the research findings–what is the significance of your work?

VI. References: citations and bibliography

Feel free to use any MLA or ASA approved style of citation (footnotes, endnotes, or in-text citations). In addition to books, journal articles, (reputable) websites, monographs (including dissertations), and interviews (personal communications) can be good sources.