Neocolonialism US Intervention and Latin America  (1848-1929)


--1848 US takes half of Mexico (New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, California, and Texas)

--1898 US takes Puerto Rico (& Hawaii) and makes Cuba a protectorate, invading 1898, 1905, 1917

--1903 US takes Panama, Teddy Roosevelt takes Panama from Colombia, creates new Panamanian government (sans Panamanians) from which he purchases canal rights (US Congress later apologizes for this)

--1900s US owned United Fruit Company among world’s 1st multinational corporations (Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela)

--1909, 1912, 1927 US occupies Nicaragua

--1914, 1916 US invades Mexico

--1916-1924 US occupies Dominican Republic (and Haiti 1915-1934)


1929 40% of US foreign investment in Latin America


Latin America lots of export but little industry


Great Depression, World War disruptions stimulate economies: ISI


Nationalism, Populism, Revolution