Peterburg and the Atlantic World



Virtual Tours (Emmanuel Dabney)

Downtown Petersburg

Virginia State University

Historic Neighborhoods and Sites (Homes, Churches, Businesses, Schools, Halifax Triangle, City Point, Bermuda Hundred)


Walking and Driving Tours (Laura Willoughby)

African Ameircan Historic Sites in Petersburg, Virginia

The William E. Lum, Jr. Image Collection of the Petersburg Museums

Petersburg African-America Heritage: The Underground Railroad

Civil Rights in Education Driving Tour Through Southside Virginia


Historic Register (Francine Archer)

Folly Castle Historic District (image & paragraph of text)

Lee Memorial Park (image & paragraph of text)

Peabody Building of the Peabody-Williams School (image & paragraph of text)

People's Memorial Cemetary (image & paragraph of text)

Pocahontas Island Historic District (image & paragraph of text)