1. Who was Squanto?

2. Spain developed two colonial outposts in North America by the early 1600s (17th century). What were they?

3. "The racial and ethnic diversity of New Mexico repeated the colonial patterns established in New Spain." p.50 EXPLAIN

4. How did European disease affect Native American populations in North America?

5. How did Spanish plants and animals affect Native American populations?

6. "The 16th century was an era of intermittent exploration....In contrast, the first half of the 17th century saw Europeans move from occasional forays to persistent attempts at colonization." p.74 EXPLAIN

7. "Except for several small pockets on the edges of the continent, Native American societies still had the upper hand." p.75 EXPLAIN

8. "Compared to New France, New Netherland seemed far more populous, prosperous, and ethnically diverse" p.59 EXPLAIN

9. Describe the founding of the Massachusetts Bay and Chesapeake Bay colonies.

10. What kind of impact did women settlers have on the English colonies?