GEHI 122

Study Questions for Week 2 (Chapter 1 and Web Readings)

1. Historians now believe that several civilizations may have preceded Europe in “discovering” the New World. Explain. (Keywords: Van Sertima, Abubakari, Zheng He)

2. Why was Europe first to colonize the New World? (Keywords: Marco Polo, Renaissance, Henry the Navigator, Inter Caetera)

3. What were the plants, animals, and diseases that comprised the “Columbian Exchange”?

4. Where did the Spanish first land in the New World? When?

5. How did the Spanish impact the Native Americans in the Caribbean? (Keywords: Taino, Carib, pacification campaign, religious conversion, enslavement, intermarriage, disease, Bartolome de Las Casas The Devastation of the Indies)

6. Who conquered the Aztec and the Inca? When, where, why, how?

7. Who was the first explorer credited with circumnavigating the globe and when? Did he in fact sail around the world?

8. When did the first African slaves arrive in the Americas? Why? Was there a precedent?

9. When did first free people of African descent arrive in the America? (Keywords: Ponce de Leon, Florida 1513; Cortez, Mexico 1521, Ayllon South Carolina 1526, Narvaez Forida 1528—Cabeza de Vaca & Esteban; De Soto Florida 1539; Coronado Texas 1541; Drake Peru 1572)

10. How did religion affect European competition for New World colonization?