Study Guide for Chapters 7-9


Describe these significant events that preceded the American Revolutionary War, explain how these events may have precipitated the war:

First Great Awakening
Seven Years War
Pontiac’s Rebellion
Stamp Act Riot
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party


Describe some of the following events associated with the American Revolutionary War and their significance:

Concord and Lexington
Bunker Hill
Dunmore’s Proclamation
Common Sense
Declaration of Independence
Articles of Confederation


Describe the following in terms of how they reflect issues and conflicts associated with the new nation:

Society for the Promotion of the Manumission of Slaves
Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano
Shays’ Rebellion
Society of the Cincinnati
Constitutional Convention
Bill of Rights
Noah Webster
Gabriel’s Rebellion
Whiskey Rebellion
Alien and Sedition Acts
Notes on the State of Virginia
Eli Whitney