Chapters 7, 10, 12 QUIZ Study Guide

1) How do we define, temporally, the ancient world, the medieval, world, and the modern world?

2) Explain what the wave of Arab conquests of the 7th and 8th centuries was and what kind of impact it had on the world spiritually, culturally, politically, economically, and intellectually.

3) Who was the reigning dynasty during India’s classical age and what kinds of achievements are associated with this period?

4) Who was the Tang dynasty and what kinds of achievements are associated this dynasty?

5) What was the Mongol empire?

6) What are the three Islamic Gunpowder empires we discussed, where were they, when (roughly) and can associated with them?

7) Why was the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople considered a major turning point in world history?

8) Who was Suleiman?

9) Who were the Janissaries?

10) When did the Ottoman empire end?

11) Who was Marco Polo?

12) Who was Empress Wu?

13) What was the Pax Monglolica?

14) Where did gunpowder come from?

15) What was the impact of gunpowder on world history and the balance of power?