Slavery in a World Historical Perspective

True or False

1) Slavery began with arrival of the Portuguese in West Africa in the 1500s.

2) When the Europeans arrived in West Africa in the 16th century, they overwhelmed the local people with force.

3) Before 1640 there were more African slaves in the English colonies than there were English slaves in Africa.

4) Before the late 1800s, more Europeans than Africans crossed the Atlantic to the New World.


17th Century Virginia

Probem: labor

1) European indentured servants and redemptioners
2) Native American slaves
3) West African slaves

--All of these forms of labor were used throughout the colonial period. Explain.

--Why did African slavery ultimately eclipse the other two labor sources?

--Edmund Morgan describes the American Paradox: the rise of liberty in the American colonies was accompanied by the rise of slavery. What does he mean?


Resistance to slavery

1) legal channels (freedom suits, petitions) (e.g. Elizabeth Key)
2) sabotage
3) self-destruction
4) uprising (e.g. Stono Rebellion)
5) maroonage